My Aspirations & Goals for 2018

2017 was a very eventful year, to say the least! All for the good reasons. Life changing is one of the keywords I would use to describe 2017 as I learnt so much about myself as I’m really starting to understand my purpose more everyday. My highlights of 2017 was definitely graduating from college and starting my career in the world of media (thank you Media Trust)! Many different companies and organisations, many opportunities and many connections.

In order for me to have it all down in writing and to help others, I decided to write a few of my aspirations and goals down on my blog for the year. I’m a strong believer in speaking things into existence and manifesting every necessity into the physical realm, so here we go…

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 17.30.02.png

Have More Motivation – It is very easy to stay indoors when there is nothing planned. My motivation does alter from time to time, but I’m going to make sure that when I am low on motivation to force myself to STAY PRODUCTIVE. Whether that be a timetable that caters to a few hours of meditation and yoga a week, going out at least once a week, read a book and not always have my eyes glued to my phone, have a budget on restaurants/shopping per month (so the money you can save could go to a holiday or boujee spa day later on in the year)… It’s the little things.

Surrounding myself (physically and on social media) around POSITIVE people… Avoid energy vampires that feed onto negativity and drama – that is not something that will help anybody in the long term. Absolutely everything we see or devote time to will impact us without us even realising, so keeping my space and mind clear with nothing that can interfere with it, is the best way to keep me content!

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 17.47.02.png
Kiera & I for her 19th this weekend (love you girl!) x

Going out with my close friends more – This has helped me so much lately, especially the friends that force me out the house as I always like staying in as I like my own space… It is all about balance. Personally, I like food a lot, so when my friends want to go out to restaurants (VAPIANO, NANDOS, BENIHANA)… I cannot say no, can I?! Spend time with those that you know would spend time with you too, devote your energy into people that are good for your soul and development as a person.

Self Love & Health / Taking Care of Physical and Mental Health: VITAL!!! – Self pamper days, more sleep, more music, more takeaways and more hot baths with lush bath bombs is a must for 2018. Although I do like being by myself at home a lot, it is also good to make sure that everything I am doing when I am at home is a mixture between being relaxed and productive (although a few binge Netflix days are also okay, know when you’re doing too much to your body).


KNOW WHEN TO SAY NO: This is probably the most important one, as I have a tendency for always overworking myself (mainly for other people) to the point where I am absolutely drained for all the wrong reasons. Know when to say no, it’s important that you do. You only live for yourself, and if you do too much to the point where your body can’t handle it, it’s you that is in the situation where you have no willpower left. No one else. Know when you’re doing too much to your body. It is okay to say no. You don’t owe any validity to anybody. A helpful tip a very good friend of mine has given me: Set an hour in the day when you have absolutely nothing planned – this is your ‘do nothing’ but taking care of yourself time. See if this makes a difference!

Get a well paid / stable full time job in the media industry – I would like to get a lot more media experience and work hard to the point where I have an entry career stable job in this sector. It’s good to juggle my time efficiently with working as staying busy is one of my most favourite things to do, it is more about not being overwhelmed by the sudden change of having a lot more time on my hands vs having a very packed schedule. Then again, I am pretty good at adapting to my surroundings pretty quickly, and this is something I am really looking forward to doing this year.

Above all, I am still 18 years old and still trying to figure my life out. It is so easy to get trapped into society’s pressures and looking at those around you who are doing equally as well or even more than what you may be doing right now. IT’S OKAY. Go at your own pace and have the thought in mind that things will happen when they’re supposed to happen but you have to put the work in. Don’t overwhelm or hurt yourself in the process. What will be will be.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 17.34.09.png

Happy New Year everybody. Wishing you all a productive year full of blessings and positive changes. Thank you for reading.

blog photo taken by @charleyzen (Instagram & Twitter)


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