South London Grime artist duos Krept & Konan have once again pulled off a one-of-a-kind concert. From the production and crowd, to the merch and special guests that attended and performed yesterday evening. There is nothing to fault. Krept & Konan has impacted the Rap & Grime scene and has risen to stardom since ‘Freak Of The Week’ feat. Jeremih. They have created massive hits such as ‘Don’t Waste My Time,’ ‘Wo Wo Wo’ and ‘Ask Flipz’ ft. fellow Croydoner Stormzy himself. Both 7 Days and 7 Nights mixtapes have been charted on the Top 10 UK Album list. Unbelievable right? The South London superstars did not disappoint. They were so immaculate, that the audience was chanting for them to come back on after their finale song “Wo Wo Wo”, that they performed, TWICE!

Krept & Konan’s 7 DAYS 7 NIGHTS album

On Thursday 22nd March, Krept & Konan performed their last gig of the 7 Days 7 Nights tour at The O2 Forum in Kentish Town. They came on stage at 9:07pm and their supporting act D Block performed prior, in order to get the crowd going and to create excitement for the main act to come on stage.

Krept & Konan maintained a crazy and enjoyable vibe the whole evening. Krept kept on screaming “MORE ENERGY” to the fans in the audience, which allowed creativity to spark, causing fun mosh pits and call-and-response with us and them. The highlight of my night was when Krept & Konan brought out Big Shaq (Michael Dapaah) for the “Mans Not Hot” Remix… if that wasn’t enough, I all of a sudden saw Lethal Bizzle jump on stage, then JME, THEN CHIP?! Triple whammy.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 19.40.54.png
Krept & Konan Live at O2 Forum – Creds – @KreptPlayDirty IG

All of a sudden, MoStack and Dave came through, too! They performed their Gold Platinum track “No Words” and MoStack performed “Liar Liar” with Krept & Konan. If I do say so myself, it was wonderful to see so many young talented artists connect together on stage in order to entertain such a massive crowd full of different demographics of people. Music brings communities together, and what a feeling it was to watch this all happen in the flesh.

I loved the political element behind the production on the evening. It varied from a 5 year old girl speaking on Grenfell on the massive screen, Tupac and American culture, to memes and GIFs of Teresa May. The show was political and definitely vocal about the government and what they need to fix in order to improve our diverse communities.

It was very mesmerising seeing their song with Jhene Aiko, and having her on the projection screen performing with them. It catered to not just boys that are into their music but girls too, it was definitely one of the best gigs that I have gone to in a while. Something is definitely in the South London waters – the success of artists from this area has been expanding rapidly.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 20.23.17.png
Krept & Konan w/ Jhene Aiko – Creds: @KreptPlayDirty

Overall, the Krept & Konan show last night was absolutely INCREDIBLE. They both showed nothing but gratitude and humbleness throughout. Such an amazing idea to get other highly respect London rappers to feature on the tour, it made it 100x more exciting.

Well done Krept & Konan, once again you’ve aced a great performance, and I simply cannot wait for the next one.


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