Transition, Evolution & Growth

It’s now October, and within a few weeks we are going to start hearing cheesy Christmas playlists being advertised all over our TV screens.

Although the New Year is around the corner, I just thought I’d make a quick yet reflective blog post that I hope resonates with the majority.

Life. It’s a very interesting thing indeed. When life gets in the way, it’s so hard to sit down and actually reflect on your accomplishments throughout the year. I know I am ridiculously bad at it! I’ve taken some time out to breathe, sit back and realise how hard I have worked this year… From starting my first ever full time job in the media; working with 24 amazing producers in TV, working closely with BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 daily and coordinating and planning events. This has helped and enabled me to step into my next journey (which I will talk about at the end)!

It made me realise that I am very proud of my achievements, and that I need to stop being so hard on myself!

As humans, it is so easy to overthink and count how many things aren’t perfect in our lives or just aren’t going the way that we’d prefer it to be. When we do that, we are subconsciously bringing no body but ourselves down.

I had such a lovely talk with my mentor the other night. She is the most positive, loving and tenacious woman I have been so fortunate to cross paths with… She inspired me to write this actually! Ria knows that at times I can be overwhelmed, and she took the time out to remind me of everything I’ve managed to do ever since I met her. I sat back and thought… “God, I really did all of that in a space of a year?” and that’s when it hit me.

Counting blessings daily is one thing that will improve our happiness. The media industry is a busy world, and sometimes it will seem unmanageable if you’re not able to find helpful mechanisms or outlets now. It has taken me a while to learn – and I still am, I am not even 20 yet! – but through epiphanies, experiences and talks with those I love and value, it has gotten easier for me to reflect on the positives.

Transitions are happening, signs were flashing up left, right and centre, and I am enthusiastic about my next journey. After months of freelancing and working full time at incredible organisations, I am embarking my next journey at one of the most amazing music companies in the world doing PR, and I am so excited of what’s to come.

cred: @charleyzen

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