Step-to-step Guide: Getting Into Media

When I think of the word media, I always relate it to one thing – competitive. It’s an industry that is expanding rapidly because everyone wants to be a part of it. People with degrees even find it hard to get into media. So, what will make you different? What will make a recruiter turn around and say “I see potential in this individual… Let’s hire them”?

I’m going to keep this blog article short and sweet, easy to understand and have a step-to-step format. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had multiple people ask me about my journey and how I managed to get into my dream sector from the age of 18. Below are a few suggestions I believe will be helpful for anyone wanting to start up as a writer, production runner, intern in the music industry or even a broadcast journalist. There will be hyperlinks of companies, organisations, charities and websites that will help you further and if there’s anything you’re looking for that you could not find on here – feel free to write in the comments section below and I will get back to you with further information.


Many people want to get into media but do not know where to start. I would highly recommend training courses from charities and media professionals, as the tools and potential networking opportunities you get will benefit you in the long run.

Other charities, companies and organisations that I highly recommend are: Media Trust – I did my training here and without them I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now. The money can’t buy training I received, my mentor, day to day activities, blog articles and industry visits were so helpful. I did the “Creativity Works” training programme and it really was worth the commute from Croydon to West London everyday! If you want to read more about my journey at Media Trust, you can here.

ScreenSkills: ScreenSkills (previously known as Creative Skillset) are a spectacular skills body and is industry led, preferably for TV and film. There are so many training opportunities and events that you can know about through their website Hiive, that provides hundreds of events, qualifications, opportunities and vacancies from writing, acting, film, TV and photography (to name a few!)


My go-to websites for job roles in the television industry (entry level especially) are the following: Mediargh, ITV Careers, Hiive, BBC Talent Pool, The Dots and The Unit List. For freelancers (entry level/junior) I would also advise Talent Manager – but this website is good for those that already have a few credits to their name or experience in TV already – no harm in trying, though! A few recruiters do look for people who are just starting out so continue to keep an eye on career choices there also.

Anyone wanting to get into Production: being a runner is the place to start. Look for companies that are looking for people that do work experience. I’m a strong believer in working for free when you start out, in terms of showing how eager you are to work in media, however I do also think internships need to be paid once an individual has a substantial amount of experience. Runner jobs in post-production is a great start if you want to work in film – there are loads available on the aforementioned websites above. ITV do Insight Work Experience for two weeks, as that is where I started, got relevant contacts and the necessary tools to pursue my career further.

Another handle I looked at that I thought was so useful was SocialFixt. It’s a Twitter page made and Mercedes Benson her team. There are multiple opportunities specifically for BAME individuals that are put up on there. They also have a Facebook page where members of the public, whether they are directors, freelances, producers etc put up opportunities regarding anything Media. I’d highly recommend for people to join their Facebook page as on average 5/10+ posts are uploaded daily.

Writers? I have a brilliant company for you to look at – MCM MAGAZINE. They are looking for writers all the time, and it’s a brilliant way to start building up your portfolio with writing and blogging experience. They cover political, sports, music, telly and more. Their team are so wonderful and provide opportunities not just in writing but for you to attend networking events in the aforementioned, too!

I always turn to @BrownSugarMove, @TweeterOrTalent, @VisionairesUK_, @WalkingBrandUK and @wearestripes for any paid jobs, internships and work experience specifically for PoC – they’re for all things advertising, music, mentoring, media and creative. It’s black history month too and so many platforms are really pushing for young Black British people to find opportunities in the creative Industry this month. Have a look and see what you can find.

So, above are a few examples showing how to get into media. As much as doing things online is good, networking is KEY! Make sure your CV has the most relevant experience and a great personal statement, your LinkedIn and The Dots UK page is as prim and proper as it can be and the most important thing of all – go out to events, meet people, go out for coffee and hand your CVs out too, they all make a massive difference to pushing yourself out there.

Good luck to those trying their hardest to get their first big break… You’ll get there! As always, any questions of queries please don’t be a stranger + ask me if need be.

Thank you for reading!



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